What Are the Benefits of Paintless Dent Repair

  • The Cost – The cost of PDR is substantially lower than traditional body shop repairs.  In some cases, you can save between 60% – 70%.
  • The Value – One amazing benefit of PDR is the lack of harm done to your vehicle’s factory finish.  This is not always the case with traditional body repair shops and PDR is a great way to ensure the value of your vehicle is being preserved.  Many people don’t know that conventional body repair actually decreases the value of your vehicle.
  • The Time – Paintless Dent Repair typically only requires between 1 and 3 hours of labor, while most conventional body shops require 4 and 6 days of work.
  • The Convenience – Xtreme Dents understands and respects the value of your time.  We can pick up and deliver your vehicle, thus saving you time and making this process more convenient for you.

How Much Does PDR Cost

Typical repairs using our PDR process start at $75 and can increase from that point.  More labor intense dent repairs such as creased dents, oversized dents or dents in difficult areas to access will have an additional charge.  These costs are still substantially less expensive than traditional body shop repairs.

How Long Does PDR Take

We understand and respect that your time is valuable.  Most often our paintless dent repair process only takes between 1 and 3 hours and hail damage can take between 1 and 3 days.  This is dependent upon the dents and damage done to the vehicle.  Our process will allow you to get your vehicle restored without being without a car for several days.

Can PDR Help With a Lease Return

Our paintless dent repair process is a perfect tool for preparing your leased vehicle for return or for selling your car.  If you want to maximize the value of your vehicle, there is no greater return on investment than PDR.  By having your vehicle’s hail dents and door dings repaired, you can increase the amount you can receive for your trade.

Is PDR Safe For My Vehicle

The simple answer is, yes!  Pdr is easily one of the safest and most effective and efficient options in today’s marketplace.  Unlike traditional body shops and other dent removal methods, PDR does not use any harsh chemicals, filler or paint.  The PDR process is one of fine metal work and we are able to restore your vehicle through safe methods.

Will You Work With My Insurance

Absolutely!  It is very common for our customers to use insurance for their claims, especially hail claims.  Our team can help you navigate working with your insurance provider to help ease the claim process.  The midwest weather is unpredictable, however your insurance claims don’t need to be.  We are happy to help you with this process.

Can Any Dent Be Fixed with PDR

Paintless dent repair is an amazing restoring process but it is not a fix-all method.  There are limitations to what can be repaired and restored through PDR and some damage is demanding of conventional repair methods.  If damage has caused the paint to crack or cave, it is likely PDR may not be the best solution and may require traditional repair.